THE SCHOOL OF BETTY: Fierce Finances

If you are ready for a new money story, then this video could open your eyes to just how possible it really is.


Ready to activate these simple steps that will take you from stressed and worried about your money to confident and excited? 

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Fierce Finances is my signature 6 week, live group coaching program to help you create a foundation for financial freedom and lessen your money stress. 

What You'll Achieve

  • Eliminate money blocks that are impacting your finances

  • Create new habits around your spending and know exactly where your money is going

  • Start paying off debt and/or create savings

  • Begin steps to increase your credit score and your net worth

  • Identify your financial goals and create a rock-solid plan to reach them

  • Develop a flexible yearly budget that supports your goals

  • Feel confident in how to manage your money and leverage it to live the life you have always desired

  • Experience relief and feel lighter knowing you are mastering your money


Features of the Program - Over $5,400 in value

  • Weekly live lessons and group coaching (via video) for six weeks (One, 90 min session per week. Calls held on Monday evenings at 6:30pm MST. An additional call time will potentially be added based on the group) - ($1,482 value)
  • Private, mobile-friendly classroom to watch video replays and receive homework - ($97 value)
  • Private Slack channel for communication with Bri and other students
  • Worksheets & tools - ($282 value)
  • Homework review & feedback from Bri. This is a coaching program, you will be coached! - ($450 value)
  • Exclusive live Betty event in 2020 held in Denver, CO. (Event includes meals and activities. Hotel & travel are the responsibility of the student) - ($1,297 value) 



  • BONUS: Access to the library of 50+ training videos in The 90 Day No Shopping Challenge - ($247 value)
  • BONUS: An additional two weeks of email & Slack support after the program - ($494 value)

  • BONUS: Two (2), one hour private coaching session with Bri. One to be conducted during the 6 weeks and one in the bonus 2 weeks - ($300 value)  

  • BONUS: Two (2) months free of The Betty Life Membership after the completion of Fierce Finances - ($810 value) 


What We Cover:

  • Money mindset & emotions -  what's getting in the way of your financial success and understanding behaviors & habits around your money
  • Visualization - why you absolutely need to be doing it and how it can help you put your goals into action
  • Budgeting - why you might not be doing it, the basics of a good budget, and creating one that works for you
  • Debt elimination & savings strategies - how to get to your goals as quickly as possible
  • The Money Details - credit scores, loans, consolidation  - the nitty gritty details of the major areas of your money
  • Planning for your future - what you should be doing now with your money for retirement and leveraging it to work for you
  • Sticking to it - how to continue to stay on track with your financial goals, celebrate your wins, and apply your learnings to other areas of your life. 



"This program has given me a new set of tools to understand how money, shopping, saving, and credit works. I am so thankful that I found this program and I love the confidence and money knowledge I have."


"I feel like shouting from the mountains about my progress! You've given me power that I wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else."

Stacey S.

"After completing the program, I now feel like I can achieve savings targets, like I might own a house one day and that I will have savings for my retirement! "


"I feel incredibly accomplished with what I have achieved, AND my credit score increased 40 points!"

Kayla C.

"I paid off $5,000 of credit card debt! I now pay myself first each pay day and I am no longer a feast or famine kinda money manager!"



If “nothing has worked” friend, I’m your answer. I teach from a heart centered place and believe me when I tell you, it makes a difference. My methodology works and I can't wait to lead you to success.


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I am currently guiding a group of students. Be the first to know when the next session of Fierce Finances opens up. 

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