If you've tried to budget and pay off your debt but nothing has worked, stay with me because Fierce Finances has a special sauce that other programs don't have.

Fierce Finances is for women+, who want less money stress and less debt, to be able to spend without guilt, to get off of the paycheck to paycheck cycle and to feel knowledgable and confident about their money moves.


The truth: Most women try to achieve money freedom and never attain it because nothing seems to work and they give up. But it's not your fault...I KNOW you've tried.

The reality is, if we don't get to the root of the problem, you'll continue to struggle and not because of a lack of effort on your part. 

  • You try to create a budget but it feels too restrictive and you give up
  • You try to pay off your debt but you seem to be dipping into what little savings you have and in the squeeze at the end of the month
  • You try to curb your shopping but you just can't seem to help yourself when you get into Target


And what's worse...all of this feels crappy. 

Sweet soul, money is going to be in your life for the rest of your life, and so you have to learn how to build your relationship with it, other wise, you will stay on this stressful money yo yo.  


Fierce Finances is my signature 8 week program to help you create a foundation for financial freedom and lessen your money stress. 

Imagine When You:

  • Eliminate money blocks that are impacting your finances

  • Create new habits around your spending and know exactly where your money is going

  • Start paying off debt and/or create savings

  • Begin steps to increase your credit score and your net worth

  • Identify your financial goals and create a rock-solid plan to reach them

  • Develop a flexible yearly budget that supports your goals

  • Feel confident in how to manage your money and leverage it to live the life you have always desired

  • Experience relief and feel lighter knowing you are mastering your money


I remember following Bri and The School of Betty on Instagram and seeing her talk about Fierce Finances. I rolled my eyes the first time, and thought, “no way would this ever work for me.” I chatted with Bri on the phone and felt this moment of “wow she gets me,” and I signed up for the course. I remember holding my breath hitting submit payment and thinking, “oh goodness what did I just do.” Let me tell you the best decision I made in 2020 was completing Fierce Finances. I no longer dread looking at my bank account, my money has a job and it works FOR ME-I do not work for it! I had no money stress during the pandemic, once I knew I was secure in my job. I am going to be able to pay off a credit card this year-something I thought would maybe happen in the next few years and feel confident budgeting for my future. I am making some moves personally that I do not think would have been possible without Fierce Finances. Bri makes it fun and normalizes talking about finances, what I got out of this class was so much more than I could have ever imagined. If you are thinking about it-here is your sign to go for it! -Rachel D.



  • WEEK 1 - MONEY MINDSET & EMOTIONS:  Understanding the emotions, money wounds and beliefs you have around your money
  • WEEK 2 - MONEY FLOWS (AKA BUDGETING): Common mistakes and how to create a flow that works for YOU
  • WEEK 3 - VALUES & VISION: Aligning your money with what's important to you in your life and where do you want to go? 

  • WEEK 4 - DEBT ELIMINATION & SAVINGS STRATEGIES: Paying off debt and saving in alignment with your vision

  • WEEK 5 - HABITS & INTEGRATION: Understanding your habits around money and how to create new ones

  • WEEK 6 - CREDIT SCORES 101:  Why you need a good one and how to raise yours

  • WEEK 7 - RETIREMENT 101: Keeping an eye on your future self. Know the basics and how to get started. 
  • WEEK 8 - YOUR FUTURE FLOW: Know your net worth and the steps you need to continue to take to hit your goals. 



  • Monthly guidance call so you can get support and ask questions

  • Private, mobile-friendly classroom to watch video replays and receive homework

  • Private Slack community

  • Worksheets & tools



  • BREAKING UP WITH BROKE: Mini course and my most popular expense tracker and budget builder
  • BONUS: Money mindset meditations
  • BONUS: All about "sinking" funds 
  • BONUS: All the things you need to know Buying a House
  • BONUS: Budgeting with inconsistent income 
  • BONUS: All the things you need to know Buying a Car
  • BONUS: Managing money with a partner

"Before I signed up to work with Bri, I had been on a rollercoaster with my money. For months, I would have plenty of money and I would follow my budget diligently and then it would seem like I had no money and my debt would pile up. I felt so overwhelmed about my finances. At first I was nervous to sign up for Fierce Finances because my credit card debt was piling up and I wasn't sure if it was wise to spend anymore money but then I realized that I needed this rollercoaster to be over! It was the best choice I ever made! This course has given me not only an understanding of how to make a budget (and be flexible with it), pay off debt wisely and plan for my future but it also helped me to become so much more confident in my decisions around my money. "


"By working with Bri, I was able to accomplish paying off a credit card by creating my first basic budget. Seeing all of my debt in one place and planning my snowball attacks (for future pay offs) contributed in this feat. I was also able to accomplish something that I was not expecting out of this program; visualizing my future and stating my gratitudes every morning! This program is more than just about finances. Invest in your future self! You will thank yourself for it when you start to see immediate results and future self debt free. I can definetly see my debt free, guiltless vacationing “badass” life straight ahead!! "

Tamika A.

"Before I started working with Bri, I really struggled with creating a budget and sticking to it. I also struggled with so much shame around my debt and felt like I would never be able to get out of it and that my debt defined me. I admit that when I first spoke to Bri I was nervous about the investment of this class and wondering “couldn’t I just do it on my own, for free?” Well, that answer to that question was a big fat NO! I had gotten myself into debt by “doing it on my own” and nothing changed. Since working with Bri I have learned a lot about myself and how my emotions drive my money decisions. I have also been able to pay off one credit card and set up an emergency fund!! I also am finally able to understand a lot of these terms used in finance that I had no clue about. This has truly been life changing!!"


"Before I signed up to work with Bri in Fierce Finances, I was struggling with a lot! I did not trust myself with money at all, and I kept repeating the same patterns. I feared money and my bank account and avoided it at all costs. I did not know how to make a budget and follow it, or how to make my paycheck last all month. I was terrified of myself, the numbers, and what people thought about my money and what I chose to do with it. I chose to invest in working with Bri because she believed in me and met me right where I was, over and over. Prior to signing up, I was doubtful that I could make the change and I was afraid of spending money. However, I knew that I needed to learn about my finances and what I was doing to that point wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I dove in, eyes closed. The thing that surprised me the most about the program was the continual unpacking of all of the false narratives I had been carrying around with me about money--narratives I didn’t know I had. Learning to approach my money as a relationship and working to cultivate a positive relationship has had the biggest impact on me. I love dates with my bank account now! If you are considering signing up for coaching with Bri, but are scared to make the investment--I get it, but DO IT. It will open up doors and turn on the light bulbs that have been out or loose to bring all aspects of your life together. "



Managing your money is the biggest act of self-care and trust me, you will never regret making it a priority.


Friend, you most likely can't afford to NOT do it. Let's paint a scenario...

Let’s say you: ⁣

💰 Have $10,000 in credit card debt⁣
💰 Interest rate of 18%⁣
💰 Minimum payment of $200⁣

[Hold onto your pants]⁣

If you paid the minimum only and didn’t add to the debt....⁣

It would take:⁣

🔥 7.8 years to pay off⁣
🔥 And you will have paid $8,622 in interest. ⁣

You read that right...almost DOUBLE what you originally borrowed. ⁣

Holy ovaries [where’s that emoji?]⁣

For most of my students, we are able to create a debt elimination plan that cuts their payoff time in half. ⁣

In this scenario - that means we are:⁣

⭐️ Finding an extra $161 to put towards debt (you’d be surprised where your money hides)⁣
⭐️ This action cuts the time in half and reduces the interest down to $3,014⁣

That is over a $5,000 savings. ⁣

💖 What could $5,000 do for you in your life? I’m guessing probably a lot (I’m raising my hand too).⁣

If your money game isn’t where you want it to be, and you can’t seem to make progress - not asking for help is at the detriment of your financial health. It’s causing MORE of what is stressing you out. ⁣

Ya’ll - the majority of us were NEVER taught how to manage our money. We were taught how to make it and spend it. There’s no shame in asking for help, in fact - the minute you do and feel the shifts...you’ll be shoutin’ it out! ⁣


If “nothing has worked” friend, I’m your answer. I teach from a heart centered place and believe me when I tell you, it makes a difference. My methodology works and I can't wait to lead you to success.


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