APPLICATION: Transformational Money Healerâ„¢ Certification Program

Dear Soul, I am so excited you are interested in this program. If you've worked with me before, you know it is my JOY to guide students and to get to know them as beautiful humans. 

Please do take your time and care to answer these questions! I am personally reading each application. 

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Name (First & Last)

Question 2 of 24


Let's Chat Money!

As you can imagine, to be an effective Transformational Money Healer, it's important that we dive into your money. There are no wrong or right answers in this section, I'm simply looking to know more about you!

Question 4 of 24

Tell me about your own money relationship and journey (The good, the bad, the surprising. Whatever pops up for you)

Question 5 of 24

What has been your proudest money move, or action that you've have taken?

Question 6 of 24

What has been most frustrating to you in regards to money? 

Question 7 of 24

Tell me a bit about your money management style. Are you a budget badass, go with the flow kind of jam? 

Question 8 of 24

Have you ever had to pay off debt? If so, how was that process for you (or how is it currently if you are still in the process)?

Question 9 of 24

What are your current money goals? Yes, as part of this program, you will naturally take YOUR money relationship to the next level! 

Question 10 of 24

If you could tell your current/prospective students one thing about money, what would it be?  

Let's Chat Guiding & Coaching

If you are currently a coach, are new to coaching or want to get started, this section gives me an idea of how the Transformational Money Healer Certification might help you positively impact others!

Question 12 of 24

Are you currently a coach? 


Yes, I am a coach


No, I have not coached before


I have coached here and there

Question 13 of 24

Which best describes your reason for joining this certification program?


I'd like to do some part time coaching


I want to start my own online coaching business


I want to strengthen my coaching skills and grow my business

Question 14 of 24

What is interesting to you about becoming a Certified Transformational Money Healer?

Question 15 of 24

What transformation do you want to achieve in this program?

Question 16 of 24

What excites you most about this program? 

Question 17 of 24

If you are currently a coach, how do you feel this program will enhance your offerings? If you are just getting started, tell me how you'd like to utilize this certification. 

Tell Me About YOU

Beautiful Soul, I am so excited to get to know you. This section is all about you!

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If we were on an elevator and we had 23 floors together, what would you want me to know about you? (I'm real excited to read this answer)

Question 20 of 24

What are your gifts that you are excited to share with the world? 

Question 21 of 24

What makes you pee your pants laugh? 

Question 22 of 24

What are you passionate about in this world?  

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Becoming a Certified Transformational Money Healer™ is a 5 month journey that requires an investment of your money, time and energy. The cost for this program is: $7,500. (1 payment or 10 payments of $750). This program will not only give you the foundation to help clients overcome money issues for your coaching practice but it will change your life. Which best describes you?


I am fully able to invest in myself and my future


I will find the funds, time and energy to invest in myself and my future.


I've never committed to something at this level before. I'm excited but nervous.


I am not able to invest in myself at this level at this time.

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Is there anything else you'd like me to know? 

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