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I'm excited that you are interested in Fierce Finances!  Filling out this application helps me get to know you a bit more and determine if this program will be a fit to help you achieve your money goals!

All answers are kept confidential and are for my eyes only. Your honesty is appreciated and essential. 

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Did someone refer you to Fierce Finances?

Question 4 of 14

What is your biggest money stressor right now? 

Question 5 of 14

What in your life are you missing out on because of this issue? 

Question 6 of 14

If you were looking back a year from now and you were SO PROUD of your success as it relates to your money, what have you accomplished?

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What are your obstacles to achieving the money goals you identified in the previous question? 

(Select all that apply)

I don't know where to start


I've tried before and failed and I'm scared to try again


I feel like I have a lot of debt and it is overwhelming


I need more accountability because I'm great at creating excuses


I need to make more money


I over-spend and/or impulse shop


I'm not sure

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What is your current job/career?

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Approximately, how much do you make per year? 

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Is your income consistent or does it fluctuate from month to month? 

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If you have debt, approximately how much debt to you have? 

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Fierce Finances is for ambitious women+ who are READY to change their narrative around their money so they can eliminate money stress, pay off debt and start making their money work for them!  Everyone in this LIVE program needs to be 100% committed in order to make the magic happen. Why do you feel this program is for you? 

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Students who go through Fierce Finances and put in the work pay off thousands of debt, put money in savings and legit change their lives!  This program will be an investment of your time (about 2 hours per week between the 1.5 hr group coaching call and 30 min for homework) The financial investment between is $1950 - $2,500) (this includes monthly payment options as low as $487.50).  If you are accepted into this program are you ready to say yes to yourself and commit to the investment?


100% I'm in!


This makes me freakin' nervous but I know I need it and will be happy I took the leap. I'm in.


I'm almost there. I have other questions.


I'm not ready to invest in myself at this high level.

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Anything else you want Bri to know? 

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