Hi Friend!

I'm glad you are here.  I'm not sure if you know this or not, but... I LOVE coaching. It brings me so much joy to walk with my students on their path to kicking some serious life booty. 

You KNOW I love online courses and creating community in my class Facebook groups but I also really enjoy coaching private students in a 1:1 setting. Currently, my private coaching services are very limited and current students are given first priority for individual sessions.

Just like my courses, the foundation of my coaching is around managing your money, time and energy well (your resources). They are essential to your life and when they are thriving, you are thriving. 

We will use your resources as tools to get you on the path to achieving your goals whether you want to pay off debt, consider a career change, or find your purpose. 


Private Coaching Options: 

  • Private 1:1 Life Coaching: 1hr sessions based on your needs and goals ($125 per session | $360 for 3 sessions | $575 for 5 sessions)
  • Private Money Coaching: 3 month commitment utilizing the content in the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge and 3 Private, 1 hr sessions with me. ($497 or 3 monthly payments of $184)

All sessions are conducted via video conferencing that can be accessed via a computer or your phone. If you happen to be in Denver, we can also meet up! 


Email me and we can chat to determine if 1:1 coaching is a right fit for you. 


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