What You'll Achieve

  • Eliminate money blocks that are impacting your finances

  • Create new habits around your spending and know exactly where your money is going

  • Start paying off debt and/or create savings

  • Begin steps to increase your credit score and your net worth

  • Identify your financial goals and create a rock-solid plan to reach them

  • Develop a flexible yearly budget that supports your goals

  • Feel confident in how to manage your money and leverage it to live the life you have always desired

  • Experience relief and feel lighter knowing you are mastering your money


Features of the Program - Over $10,000 in value

  • Private, mobile-friendly classroom to watch video lessons and receive homework
  • Private Slack channel for unlimited communication with Bri and other students 
  • Worksheets & tools
  • 1-2 Support calls each month via zoom to be able to ask questions and receive support.



  • BREAKING UP WITH BROKE: Mini course and my most popular expense tracker and budget builder
  • BONUS: Money mindset meditations
  • BONUS: All about "sinking" funds 
  • BONUS: All the things you need to know Buying a House
  • BONUS: Budgeting with inconsistent income 
  • BONUS: All the things you need to know Buying a Car
  • BONUS: Managing money with a partner

What The Course Covers:

  • Money mindset & emotions -  what's getting in the way of your financial success and understanding behaviors & habits around your money
  • Visualization - why you absolutely need to be doing it and how it can help you put your goals into action
  • Budgeting - why you might not be doing it, the basics of a good budget, and creating one that works for you
  • Debt elimination & savings strategies - how to get to your goals as quickly as possible
  • The Money Details - credit scores, net worth - the nitty gritty details of the major areas of your money
  • Planning for your future - what you should be doing now with your money for retirement and leveraging it to work for you
  • Sticking to it - how to continue to stay on track with your financial goals, celebrate your wins, and apply your learnings to other areas of your life.



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