Imagine mastering your money in 90 days.

Start your 90-Day No Shopping Challenge, the unconventional blueprint to build a foundation for happiness WHILE you change your shopping habits, PAY OFF DEBT and put some MONEY IN THE BANK!
It's time to breathe easy my friend! 


  • There's zero money stress and you always know when (and how) the bills are gettin’ paid
  • There's no living paycheck-to-paycheck or searching the couch cushions or the inside of old handbags come the end of the month (Hey–no judgment! #beenthere)
  • There's extra income to spend however you want–from saving for that beach vacay to making a fat contribution to that IRA 
  • That mountain of lingering (but ignored) CC debt is finally gone–and serious savings is stacking up instead. #ballerstatus #saversgonnasave
  • Those spending habits are in check and on lock–and all that guilt is a thing of the past
  • You’ve finally got a REAL handle on those finances–from how much is spent, on what and why


This powerful AF 3-month guided program will help reset those finances, redefine that relationship with money and shopping and tee ya up for a life that’s filled with major happiness, without major debt.

You’ll get access to the step-by-step actions to follow to change those money and shopping habits forever, so debt gets paid down *and* money's in the bank *and* finances are FINALLY in order–for real and for good.

By the end, you’ll have...

✔ A clear financial goal & a rock-solid strategy to get there (KA-POW!)

✔ A FLEXIBLE yearly budget that supports that goal (Yep, I said flexible. Hallelujah for that!)

✔ A clear understanding of your money blocks and trigger areas around money–aka the "why" (and how to stop spend-binging on certain goodies)

✔ TOOLS and a ROADMAP to continue your money management to reach your financial goals

✔ An organized closet bursting with clothes you love (Mmm-hmm. Without buying anything new.)

✔ A method for identifying habits and a process for creating awesome new ones

✔ Deeper gratitude for #allthethings you already have

✔ A foundation to build long-lasting happiness! (No exaggeration.)


I’m Bri.  My story: I ‘woke’ up at 23, broke AF and buried under about $50k in CC and student loan debt. (You know Confessions of a Shopaholic? Yeah, that was basically me...except I didn’t have a fun book or movie about it.)

So, I got serious about paying off all my crazy nights out in the city and overpriced Starbucks macchiatos. I buckled down and I DID IT.

I paid off all of my credit cards and made serious headway on my student loans.  I should have felt fancy free right!!?? Wrong.

That’s when I learned a harsh truth: We can’t ‘budget’ our way out of debt if we don’t understand why we're overspending to begin with!

So... I tried something new.

Call me crazy, but I went a whole 365 days without spending a dime on non-essentials. And it transformed my entire life AND IT CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU.

I consider it one of my life's missions to educate (I'm a certified financial education instructor) as many lovely people as possible about money management - in simple terms (Like, taking into consideration REAL.LIFE). Managing your money doesn't have to be hard ANNNNNNND it's more than just money. When you crack the money code, you crack the life code. 

"I joined the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge because I wanted to start paying off my credit card debt. One of my biggest discoveries during the challenge was that it really is possible to stop impulse buying. I was actually able to start paying off my debt and get control of my financial future. I am so proud of myself! I am so grateful that Bri has had the courage to create a solution that no one wants to talk about!"

Beth D.
February 2018 Challenger


For 90 days, you commit to eliminating the purchase of non-essentials. If it isn't necessary to live your life, it's off limits: clothes, shoes, handbags, home goods, tools, make-up, nail polish etc. 

I give you rough guidelines, but this is about YOU eliminating items that are not essential to YOUR life.  

"I joined the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge because I wanted to see where I was wasting money. I didn’t have a shopping problem or debt so I was worried that the lessons wouldn’t apply to me. During the challenge, I discovered I waste money eating out when I am tired or stressed. I spent so much time with my friends, outdoors, and reading in the 90 days! All of these activities are so much more fulfilling than shopping ever was. I saved $3,000 during the first challenge and am going to do another challenge in February! "

Teresa Tilton
September 2017 Challenger


Getting your finances in order DOES require gaining some SERIOUS awareness around spending and SERIOUS changing-of-habits.

But the good news is, while I did it all alone…

You don’t have to!

Listen: We ALL know everything’s better with a friend. Or, you know, a mentor. 🙋  (Especially the ‘hard’ stuff.)

That’s why inside The 90-Day No Shopping Challenge, I not only guide you through your own no-spend challenge, I also teach all the money habits needed to turn that financial mess into a financial success.

The truth is, there's no need to do this alone. Because there’s SO MUCH MORE to financial bliss and happiness and a good relationship with money than seeing a zero balance on those (10) credit cards.

We can’t just ‘budget’ our way out of overspending, emotional spending and other bad money habits. A roadmap is needed–and a BFF-like, trusted mentor–to walk through it all.


  • When you sign up, you join an exclusive group of challengers! It's like spin class for your wallet
  • You will receive access to The School of Betty members only training site (mobile friendly!). This is where you will go each week for your new lessons
  • You gain immediate access to the 60+ lessons however, every week you will receive an email from me to keep you on track! You can watch the video, listen to them or read the transcript. Whatever fits your learning fancy
  • We focus on: understanding your emotions around money, budgeting to fit your goals and needs, eliminating your debt and accelerating your savings, understanding your credit score and how to increase it
  • After each week, you'll fill out your Betty Barometer. Your weekly mood and success tracker (Trust me, most people don't even realize the progress they're making). I read EVERY.SINGLE.BAROMETER and will touch base with you if I see something that needs a conversation. That could be helping you get through a hurdle, or simply sending you kudos for achieving a milestone!
  • I pop into the private Facebook every week and answer questions and provide additional tips. This is also where I cheer the loudest. Sometimes I'm talkin' to myself, but I just want you to know I'm there! 
  • At the end of 90 Days, you will be making progress towards your financial goal, have a year-long flexible budget, new shopping behaviors, an organized closet that you love and a roadmap for continued success
  • You have lifelong access to the content for as long as it is around. If I make upgrades to it, yay, you get those too



PRE CHALLENGE MODULES: (Think of this as your warm-up. You have immediate access to these lessons when you join)

  • WELCOME  - Tour your virtual classroom, learn about the impact you are making and take your first Betty Barometer (the weekly mood marker and success tracker )
  • PRE-CHALLENGE LESSON 1 - Learn about The Betty Life and understand your spending habits
  • PRE-CHALLENGE LESSON 2  - Make your commitment and take your assessment. We have to know where we are starting so we can properly celebrate your wins!


  • MODULE 1: IS MONEY YOUR BFF?  - The start of the challenge! Understand your relationship with money
  • MODULE 2: THE HEADSPACE OF MONEY  - How the heck did money get so emotional?  I’ll tell ya, and give you tips to leverage that emotion for good
  • MODULE 3: DAY DREAMIN’ - WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? - Discover how powerful visualization can be and start putting it into action
  • MODULE 4: LIVIN’ THE LIFE  - Do you know what your money personality is? Are your actions aligned with your dream life? Ooooh, let’s find out
  • MODULE 5: GOOOOAAAALLLL  - Creating a goal you can achieve is an art and you’re gonna learn how and put it into action building your roadmap
  • MODULE 6: THE ‘B’ WORD  - Not THAT ONE! Budget is the word. Learn the tricks that will set you up for success. 
  • MODULE 7: BETTY BUDGET BASIC - All aboard the budget train!  It’s time to build the beast that will keep you on track!
  • MODULE 8: DEBT ELIMINATOR -  I wish I could say I teach magic in this course, but truly it is pure focus with a game plan and this module is a game changer
  • MODULE 9: SAVINGS ACCELERATOR - Rainy day fund? Vacation? Emergency fund?  Whatever your savings goal, this will give you the tools to do it
  • MODULE 10: BETTY BUDGET ADVANCED - Incorporating your financial goals into your budget and building it out for the year
  • MODULE 11: CREDIT SCORE 101  - One number that is pretty powerful. Learn what it is made of and how to change it 
  • MODULE 12: GET ORGANIZED  - You know clutter breeds chaos! And we just don’t have time for that. Learn some easy ways to get organized and stay organized
  • MODULE 13: YOUR FUTURE  - We’re gonna look back to look forward and make sure you have a plan for the next 3 months
  • DAY 90: YOU DID IT!  - HOLY SMOKES!  It’s going to be a grand day


* Contents and dates subject to change. Every Challenge group is different!  If I see the group struggling, I'll make some shifts! 


I want you to have the BEST experience possible. Whatever I can do to get you to success, I'll do it. These are just some of the bells and whistles.

  • Private Members area to access your lessons from a desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Digital progress dashboard
  • Weekly 90 Day No Shopping Challenge motivational email to set you up for the week. I also include additional tips
  • Access to the private 90 Day No Shopping Facebook group where I pop in weekly to check in and do a Facebook Live to answer any additional Q's and provide lessons
  • Lifetime access to refer back to the content at any time and have full access to any upgrades or additions
  • I donate 15% of the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge profits to a non-profit. While you make a positive change in your life, you help another woman do the same


Ya gotta have some bonuses! It's like a cherry on top or extra sprinkles.  

  • NEW BONUS: Hack Your Credit Score
  • Closet Rehab: the step by step video series to create a closet you love
  • The Habit Loop: learn how habits work and how you can put them to work for you
  • Betty Budget Tool: this is the exact excel budget file that got me out of debt and the same one I use today
  • Debt Eliminator Tool: this excel sheet will help you create your debt repayment plan
  • Retirement 101: learning the basics
  • Investing 101: learning the basics


If you want to take the stress out of money and start living a badass life, you've come to the right place.

✔ Know EXACTLY where TF that money goes each month (This might be shocking, but then it’ll be life-changing!)

✔ Know those money goals (like saving for a balmy beach vacay, perhaps?)–and feel super energized because you KNOW the tools to make ‘em happen

✔ Know all the ‘bad money habits,’ and how to change them (even ‘new’ ones that crop up after the program)

✔ Have a good, healthy, non-crazy relationship with money and shopping

✔ Finally feel crazy-confident about those finances!


Oh, and if that isn’t awesome enough, you’ll also…


✌ Regularly experience overwhelming rushes of gratitude because you truly feel grateful, satisfied and happy!

✌ Actually start enjoying life (instead of trying to ‘buy’ good feelings with ‘stuff’)

✌ Start believing and knowing that you have everything you could possibly want RIGHT NOW!

✌ LOVE your current wardrobe on a whole new level (Not buying new shizz = major appreciation for your closet and everything in it! #bonus)

✌ Daydream about the beach A LOT. (Because now that the financial house is in supreme order, you KNOW you can make it a reality!)


Talk about a good investment.

"You are AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, this has been LIFE CHANGING for me and I can't thank you enough for your guidance and real talk!"

February 2018 Challenger


The 90 Day No Shopping Challenge is for you if any of the below has been happening to you.

💖  You can’t seem to figure out where your money goes each month

💖  You buy things you know you don’t need

💖  You have credit card debt and no emergency fund

💖  You have big dreams but just aren’t sure where to start

💖  You live paycheck to paycheck and it is exhausting the heck outta ya

💖  You want to create a badass, stress free relationship with money


✔  You aren’t ready and willing to do some work.  I would love to sell magic unicorns, but unfortunately it’s out of my expertise!

✔  You are looking for a quick fix. Again, no magic. My students succeed because they are dedicated to changing their relationship with their money. It's that simple 

✔  You are not prepared to be open to new ideas. TRUTH SPRINKLE: If you are reading this, odds are what you are doing now to manage your money is not serving you well.  SOOO, let's try something new and see a different result. 

✔  You are looking for someone to manage your finances. This is about YOU creating a better relationship with money and YOU creating your financial goals and roadmap


I would be shocked if you didn't! Here are some A's to some of the most common Q's I receive.


Absolutely! I want you to stay within your budget, but gifts are encouraged as the act of giving is the foundation for building more gratitude. PRO TIP: Do you go overboard buying gifts? This might be an area we will want to keep an eye on! 


Preach!  It’s scary to sign up for something and not know if it will work, but I'm telling you, the simple act of DOING something different than how you have been doing it is going to do wonders.

With that said, I want you to feel comfortable which is why I offer a 14 day money back guarantee. 

I want you to feel no risk when you sign up for the 90 Day No Shopping Challenge. If you aren’t happy, your full package is refundable (or your first payment if you do a payment option). Simply submit your cancellation in writing to, hello at by midnight (MST) on the 14th day (from your date of purchase) and I'll get you taken care of. 


Well...that's a great question!  This is about more than just NOT shopping. This is about changing your relationship with your money, understanding your current habits and behaviors around money and creating new, positive habits that are going to set you up for continued success.  You are paying for the lessons and the support during this challenge to make a positive change in your life! 


The 90 Day Challenge is designed to set you up for success so you are able to integrate your new habits into your daily routine.  If you do the work, 90 Days is going to get you pretty far down the road!

With that said, many challengers give it another go to continue their progress! Because you have lifetime access, you can begin again during any of the upcoming challenges!  




(Best Deal)


NEW BONUS: Holiday Planning Lessons

NEW BONUS: Hack Your Credit Score

Pre-Challenge Learning Modules

13 Weekly Learning Modules with weekly email support 

Private Facebook Group

Course Bonuses: Closet Rehab, Retirement 101, Investing 101, Habit Loop 101, Betty Budget Tool, Debt Eliminator Tool




(Total Fee $267)


NEW BONUS: Holiday Planning Lessons

NEW BONUS: Hack Your Credit Score

Pre-Challenge Learning Modules

13 Weekly Learning Modules with weekly email support 

Private Facebook Group

Course Bonuses: Closet Rehab, Retirement 101, Investing 101, Habit Loop 101, Betty Budget Tool, Debt Eliminator Tool


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