Introducing The Betty Life Membership. The whole-life program and community to master your resources so you can live a badass life with less stress and more joy. 

DOORS ARE CLOSED: I am currently guiding members. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open up!


Join the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open! 


  • Be able to commit to your goals
  • Make a positive financial change
  • Learn how to manage your money
  • Get organized
  • Feel in control and not overwhelmed
  • Find clarity
  • Leave 2018 behind and start new



When I did my first year of no shopping, I was pretty much baffled at how much happiness I discovered and frankly, how it put a spotlight on the other areas of my life that needed some major work. 

"Wait...you mean I'm NOT happy?"

I didn't realize it then, but I had stumbled upon something powerfully simple; the magic that happens when you pair your vision with focus and small, consistent actions...Badassery.




There’s an epidemic in this country–and YOU might be affected. 😱

(Okay, I promise I’m not usually this dramatic, although I *do* have a not-so-secret affinity for 🎢 musicals, but I digress.)


Here’s what’s happening:

Women are hustlin’, grindin’ and doin’ #allthethings....

..which isn’t bad in and of itself...

...but unfortunately? They’re not doing ANY of those things FOR themselves. πŸ™ˆ

Ask any woman out there when she last did a “favor” for someone else and I betcha she’ll flutter off a lengthy list–from making lunches  for the kiddos to helping her friend run a fundraising event.

Then ask her when she last invested in herself... and? Crickets. Nada. A whole lotta nothin’.

The good news? I get it. I’ve been there. And I know there’s a definite need for a playful, inspiring and kick@$$ space for women to come together & challenge themselves & each other to become their best πŸ’ͺ selves...

And today, I’m sharing it with you! πŸ’–


I think of The Betty Life as a tree where our resources (money, time & energy) are the roots and the foundation. We need it to be healthy in order for the tree to grow. And the more it grows, the stronger that foundation needs to be. 

We use our resources every single day.

Money, time and energy are REQUIRED each day of your life, so...it's essential that we know how to manage them and spend them wisely.

In most cases, when we feel out of balance we can almost always look to one of our resources to help us get back on track. A simple shift can often do the trick.

And when the tree isn’t surviving...most of us know we have to cut it back so it can reallocate its energy to get healthy again. This my friend is no different for us in our lives.

Say Hey πŸ‘‹ to The Betty Life Membership...

A coaching & community experience where women like you can come to work on, well, YOU.


This is perfect for you if you’re ready to:

⌚ Take back control of your time, money & energy (which is prob spread wayyyy too thin right now)

⭐ Get unstuck, figure out what changes you want to make in your life and get the tools, guidance & support to make them (and stick to them... for life!)

πŸ™Œ Finally put yourself first so YOU can show up everyday as the BEST version of YOU (which is good for everyone, BTW)


It’s ALSO for you if:

😰 You’ve tried to make changes on your own but need help “pushing through” your own resistance (which is SO real, I know)

πŸ“‹ You want to make so many dang improvements you don’t even know where to start (I’ll help you!)

πŸ“… You need a little kick-in-the-pants to get the important things done (finally–accountability to do “that thing” you’ve been saying you’d do for years!)


Sound like just what the doctor-didn’t-but-totally-shoulda-ordered?


😱 Bri...I can barely find time to eat breakfast in the morning, how can I spend time on this? 

😱 Bri...my finances are a mess, how can I afford this? 

😱 Bri...I'm beyond help and besides, I don't think I would be able to stick with it...I can never stick to anything. 

😱 Bri...I don't know if it will work.



Is what you are doing now working? Friend, if you are reading this, you are feeling the urge for something better. You are tired and overwhelmed and you can't afford NOT to make a change.  


My jam is helping women unlock the simple actions they can start taking on a daily basis that will drastically change their lives. 

So often, we assume change will be hard and we overlook the simple solutions that are looking right at us! 

"The Betty Life has positively impacted me by providing fun, clear action items for improving my life as well as an awesome support system!"

Betty Life Member

"The Betty Life has given me perspective I didn't even know I needed (about managing our most important resources), simple actions to shift my behaviors to benefit me better and reach my goals (which are working), and a truly uplifting support system."

Betty Life Member

"I now have boundaries and can implement them without apology. This has been huge in terms of my time/energy and has allowed me to feel so much more *ease*. I am also a lot kinder to myself and cut my to do list in half (most days, progress not perfection). I can't wait to see what 2019 has in store!"

Betty Life Member

Look, you’re already pretty bad@$$. 

Imagine what you could do if you were surrounded and supported by other women like you–plus the proven tools & techniques I’ve mastered over the years to wrangle ANY area of your life into submission like a PRO–for a full 365 days!


The Betty Life Membership is a membership that provides you a monthly focus for your money, time and energy, as well as live group coaching calls. You get access to me as your coach, other mastermind classes, and are part of an incredible community.


This membership isn’t about needing to spend crazy amounts of time to make progress. It’s about small actions that make a big impact.  


  • Private Membership Portal
  • Monthly focus video lessons that become available the first week of the month
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (this is a member favorite) where I will coach you live around the monthly focus or whatever you need in that moment
  • A Monthly Master Class with an outside expert to provide you more guidance and tools
  • Private Facebook Community with monthly Facebook Lives to provide additional support and lessons
  • Weekly support via email with journal prompts and accountability

What Will You Learn?

The Betty Life Membership is about moving you forward, finding your focus, chasing your joy and building the life you love through powerfully simple actions. 

πŸ“‹ We will discover where you are now. In short - what is your Life ROI? Is YOUR life giving YOU the return you want?

πŸ“‹ We will identify what you want to work on. Maybe you are looking for a new career, want to integrate better habits, gain more self confidence or want to get healthier. Whatever it is - I'll be giving you the tools to make it happen.

πŸ“‹ We will continue to focus on the basics: Money, Time & Energy but we'll go deeper. I truly believe your resources are the key to living your best life, and you will manage them LIKE.A.PRO.  


There are 5 stages in The Betty Life growth process. These stages tell you exactly where you are and what you need to do to move forward.


⭐ FIRST WEEK: The new focus videos are rolled out with easy actions you can start taking.  These videos are short and sweet and designed to digest and integrate easily. 
⭐ SECOND WEEK: We have our masterclass!  We try to do these live so you can ask questions, but they are always recorded regardless if you can't be there. These masterclasses will pair with your monthly focus. 
⭐ THIRD WEEK: Group coaching week!  This is a member favorite (and mine personally). We hope on video conference calls in small groups and check in. I provide coaching to each individual on the call. It's MAGIC! These are recorded and loaded to your member's area if you aren't able to attend live.
⭐ THIRD WEEK: This final week of the month we recap where we have been and note our progress. I'll be doing a Facebook live in the private group to recap the month and talk about the next month's focus!
Pick and choose the mix that works for you. Some students love the video lessons and journal prompts, others really jam on the live calls and masterclasses.  There is something for everyone! 

The Betty Life Membership is $35 per month


πŸ’°Monthly Focus Lessons: $47 class value

πŸ’°Monthly Master Class: $47 class value

πŸ’°Group Coaching: $186 value (1.5 hour calls in small groups)

πŸ’°Monthly Facebook Live Coaching/Lessons & email support: $125


That's over $405 in value each month for only $35...or 7 Starbucks drinks β˜•οΈ




This isn't an intense monthly program. Life should be fun, therefore life coaching should be crazy fun.  Also...have we met?  I don't do anything boring...it's not in my DNA.  Like all of my programs, I aim to challenge you in a fun way so you can have major breakthroughs. 


I'm glad you are here! 

I created The School of Betty because I believe that everyone should be living a badass life and it doesn't have to be difficult. 

As a certified money & life coach, I help women master their money, time and energy so they can live badass lives and I want to do the same for you! 

I spent years buried in credit card debt, shopping addiction and general unhappiness until I finally discovered that learning how to manage my resources (money, time and energy) in a way that worked best for me, was the magic recipe I had been searching for. 

I want everyone to experience how life changing these simple actions can be. 

You don't have to move mountains friend, you just need to have some movement. 


"The Betty Life Membership has given me so much. I feel like I have a new found clarity and can now break down my goals into steps that are actually achievable. I also love the amazing community in the membership. I feel like it is a positive, safe space that I can use to learn and grow amongst some badass ladies!"

Dionna E.
Betty Life Member

"The Betty Life Membership has changed my life by helping me truly see where my relationship issues are rooted. The conference calls are refreshing reminders that all of our struggles are remarkably similar and most are caused by having unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Bri’s approach of gentle real talk is both soothing and motivating. The greatest gift the Betty Life Membership has given me is permission to not be perfect. "

Kayla C.
Betty Life Member

Whether you want to…

πŸ’° Take back control of your out-of-whack finances, your never-enough time or your spread-way-too-thin energy

🐹 Get unstuck & hop off the hamster wheel you’ve been spinning on for years

πŸ’– Finally figure out & focus on exactly what you want to improve about your life (Health? Finances? Organization? All of the above?)

πŸ’ͺ Or simply stop being the girl who always gives up on her goals (or new year's resolutions)


...I’ve created The Betty Life membership, a community to give women like you the tools, guidance & accountability (from moi and a cohort of other like-minded Betties) to change ANY area of your life.


WEEK 1: New focus lessons are loaded into your membership portal and I am going live on Facebook to set you up for success. 

WEEK 2: You gain access to the live or pre-recorded masterclass. 

WEEK 3: Group coaching calls are conducted. I place focus on that month's lessons, but also cater your time on the call to you what you need in that moment. 

WEEK 4: You are filling out your Betty Barometer - your online check in and I go live in Facebook to recap the month and set you up for the next focus! 

AND...I love surprises, so you never know what perk I'll toss your way =)

YAS! Brilliant question.  I'm all about actions and shifts that are simple to integrate. Yes, you might want to dive deep on some exercises, but this membership is designed to encourage you to take baby steps consistently. 

Monthly Lessons: 30 minutes

Group Coaching Calls: 1.5 Hours long. Pick the time that works for you.

Master Classes: 30min - 1 hour. Join us live (when offered) or watch at your leisure! 

Group coaching calls happen the 3rd week of the month.

Calls usually happen Tuesdays at 12:00pm MST and Wednesdays at 6:00pm MST. 

In order to keep the groups intimate, more calls will be added based on the number of members and their time zones. 

Group coaching calls will be recorded and loaded into your membership portal.

They will remain there until the next round of calls in which they will be deleted. 

I try to offer the master classes live as often as I can so you can interact with the guest.

Classes are recorded if you are unable to attend live and are loaded into your membership area. 

This community is here to support you.  If you feel stuck or that you aren't making progress, reach out to the Facebook Group or email me directly. 

Perhaps you simply have a block we need to remove or you might be ready to move on from the Membership. I'll be honest with you regardless!

#Life will happen.  The membership is set up so you can choose the lessons that really resonate with you for that month. 

All new members should work through the core lessons for their foundation, then you can pick and choose. Some members love it strictly for the group coaching and the Facebook community, others love the recorded lessons. It's up to you! 

Monthly memberships: You can cancel your membership at anytime before your payment processes. If your monthly payment processes, then your cancellation will begin the next month. 

Quarterly memberships:  You are paid for 3 months at a time.  You can cancel at anytime during that 3 months and it will take effect for the next 3 months. 

Yearly Memberships:  Yearly memberships are not refundable as this is the best deal.


Join the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open. 

TERMS: Year Long memberships are a recurring charge 1 year from the date of purchase. Refunds are not available for Year Long Memberships. Year Long memberships may be cancelled for the following year before the charge has processed. Quarterly memberships are charged every 90 days from the date of purchase. Quarterly memberships may be cancelled for the next 90 days if the cancellations occurs before the charges are processed. Monthly members may cancel at anytime. Requests after the payment has been processed will take place the following month. 

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