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When I did my first year of no shopping, I was pretty much baffled at how much happiness I discovered and frankly, how it put a spotlight on the other areas of my life that needed some major work. 

" mean I'm NOT happy?"

I didn't realize it then, but I had stumbled upon something powerfully simple; the magic that happens when you pair your vision with focus and small, consistent actions...Badassery.

Over the past couple of years, in addition to leading all of you amazing souls, I've been doing a lot of personal development (And I mean all.the.things. I even howled at the moon in Italy. TRUE story)...AND...wait for it...getting my Life Coaching Certification. And, my friend, it's time to share the goodness with you. 

Working on my life, and seeing the amazing breakthroughs all of you are having was the catalyst to create The Betty Life Membership.

I've been doing 30 to 90 Day sprints working on everything from creatively managing my time, doubling down on my organization, deepening my money skills, questioning my purpose (deep), integrating my food and fitness with simple actions and SOOOO much more.

And now all it needs is you!

What Will You Learn?

The Betty Life Membership is about moving you forward, finding your focus, chasing your joy and building the life you love through powerfully simple actions. 

  • We will discover where you are now. In short - what is your Life ROI? Is YOUR life giving YOU the return you want?
  • We will identify what you want to work on. Maybe you are looking for a new career, want to integrate better habits, gain more self confidence or want to get healthier. Whatever it is - I'll be giving you the tools to make it happen.
  • We will continue to focus on the basics: Money, Time & Energy but we'll go deeper. I truly believe your resources are the key to living your best life, and you will manage them LIKE.A.PRO.



  • Video group coaching calls with me (These are a favorite of the members).
  • Video classes that you can absorb at your own pace.
  • A toolbox of goodness to help you stay on track: daily journal pages, meal planner etc. 
  • Guest speakers to share their knowledge with you in focused master classes.  
  • A private Facebook group so we can build community and have private conversations. I also go live here to teach additional lessons. 
  • A private membership area.  

This isn't an intense monthly program. Life should be fun, therefore life coaching should be crazy fun.  Also...have we met?  I don't do anything's not in my DNA.  Like all of my programs, I aim to challenge you in a fun way so you can have major breakthroughs. 


REAL TALK! This membership has been in my head for two years. I am EXTREMELY excited to walk with you on your journey of life and also crack a few jokes while we are at it. 




Join the waitlist to be the first to know when doors open. Ready to start your 2019 off right? You're in the right place. 


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